Paua Releases Good Vibes On New Single, ‘Promises And Lies’


‘Promises and Lies’ is the latest single from critically-acclaimed reggae act Paua’s 2018 EP release, FOR THE PEOPLE.

Currently residing in Brisbane, Australia, Paua includes Maori heritage hailing from Aotearoa combined with a multicultural collective from Australia and Philippines.

Paua has a strong and successful release history with a number of their tracks and albums hitting #1 on the New Zealand iTunes reggae charts and becoming household favourites.
They regularly perform at the acclaimed One Love festival in Tauranga, as well as countless regional tours across the country.
They will be back in Napier this winter for the Good Vibes tour, alongside the likes of L.A.B, Katchafire, Tomorrow People and more. https://www.goodvibesfestival.co.nz
Paua – FOR THE PEOPLE EP – encompasses all of Paua’s unique signature elements, which cater for the mind, body, heart and soul – there is something for everyone.
The single, ‘Promises and Lies’, is a thought-provoking track echoing the injustices of indigenous peoples. The focal points of this song convey the deep desire of people from any land, to refute, that their dispossession will ever take away that which is most precious to them; their roots.
Paua – FOR THE PEOPLE EP is out now.

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‘Promises and Lies’ available on Spotify / Apple
The video for ‘Promises and Lies’ will be released in June.