Hermitude Sets Tone For Upcoming New Album


From the moment ‘Every Day’ begins, a sense of intrigue sets in. The synth swells, Hoodlem’s vocals step lightly and new flavours may challenge what you expect from the Blue Mountains, Australia, duo. But when the chorus hits and the beat drops through the floor it is unmistakable. No one does it quite like Hermitude.
Watch the video for ‘Every Day’ HERE

‘Every Day’ was the first song written in the afterglow of their #1 album DARK NIGHT SWEET LIGHT and celebrates a new direction. It’s characterised by the juxtaposition between Hoodlem’s breezy, measured verses, and the pulsating rush of the hook. It’s Hermitude at their most pop, and causes a stir of excitement and anticipation for what is to come from their next album.
Elgusto from Hermitude expands on how the track came about: “Every Day was a little gem created on the road, we spent a bunch of time touring over the last 3 years and Every Day is a testament to the summer vibe of festivals, the warmth of the LA sun and touch of homesickness.”
Following on from the epic drop of ‘Stupid World’ feat. Bibi Bourelly, this is the second instalment of next level Hermitude. Working with many vocalists on this new project we see the duo spread their wings, and seeking new adventures in collaboration and a strong focus on melody.
Hermitude will embark on a National Tour with Groovin The Moo Festival this April, with a star heavy line-up including Billie Eillish, Coolio, MO and many more. This will be the first time many will experience new music in a big, bright and loud live setting.

With their new record well and truly on its way, 'Every Day' is just another exciting taste of what’s to come from Hermitude.
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